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Working from home with GN4

The Corona virus pandemic has really emphasized the need to work from home.

Working from home with GN4

While staying in touch with co-workers, friends and family members is very much achievable using a mainstream application, effectively working in a newsroom can be more of a challenge.

GN4 and it’s “work anywhere” client, i4, is a game changer for those who have deployed it across all their devices, in-house or remote. At the server level, GN4 is licensed by user and happily lets users login from any device, be it a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.

The i4 client is an HTML-5 based application d – meaning it runs on any device, in any browser, that has an internet connection, it is the core client application for journalists and editors. Being HTML-5 based, I4 is fully responsive and adapts itself to the physical size of the screen, the device itself is irrelevant as far as functionality goes (it is the same, regardless of the device it runs on). This of course opens up tremendous opportunity to create a virtual newsroom, fully supporting the current social distancing directives that are in place in so many countries.

From a “work-at-home” perspective, here are some of the functions that make i4 such a game changer for newsrooms.

Two-way interaction

Since a user logs in to the main GN4 system, the user’s profile determines their level of functionality and access rights. Once logged on and the users credentials have been verified (via a secure connection of course), the user is fully functional, exactly the same as if they are in-house on a business desktop. The user can search for articles, pictures, (web)pages, assignments and tasks. They can create their own content using built-in features of I4 or the device they are running on (e.g. Smartphone camera).They can edit any of that content (subject to their permission level), look at editorial budgets, edit to fit and publish straight to the web, just like they would if they worked in-house. They can even trigger automated full-page make-up!

Newsroom management too

Newsroom managers can also be fully functional remotely, as they can conduct budget planning, assign tasks and articles to other staff, monitor their editions and control when, and what, content gets released to the web, to Social Media or any other channel. All remotely.

Web Publishing, Social Media and Syndication

GN4 with the i4 client is a perfect combination for web publishing. Using a Miles 33 webCMS such as VirtualCMS or GNWeb, i4 clients have full control over WHERE on the web page content appears, HOW it appears and WHEN it is published. Breaking content can be pushed out in real time, or routed through a specific copy flow, with verification points, by applying automated workflows.

If publishing to social media channels is required, or content needs to be pushed out to syndicated networks, that is similarly accomplished simply by checking a ‘publishing destination’ box. Story elements can be tagged, so an article on the webpage can have a different headline (or image) than the same article on Facebook. The key take away here, ONE article, MULTIPLE destinations. And, of course, each released version saved, complete with a time and date-stamp so you have a full audit of where and when content was published.

For more information, or to get a demonstration (via the web of course), contact Miles 33 here