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Going to IFRA/DCX 2018 in Berlin?

Check out Gemstone, a More Advanced Order Management System from Miles 33

Going to IFRA/DCX 2018 in Berlin?

If you can define it in the system then Gemstone will help you sell it. Can anyone predict what is around the next corner?

With a Gemstone Order Management System you can be ready for the next challenge when it arrives.

  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Media Channels
  • Event Management
  • Native Advertising
  • TV and Radio Slots
  • Subscriptions
  • Outdoor Advertising

Stay productive - the HTML5 UI enables you to take your prospects and customers with you when you leave the office.

Visit us at the IFRA World Publishing Expo in Berlin from October 9 to 11. Miles 33 will be in Hall 21b, Stand B.08

A Perfect Alternative to Doubleclick Sales Manager

Doubleclick Sales Manager Are you concerned about DSM being abandoned? Gemstone is the perfect alternative and is specifically designed for publishers! Not only can you sell and order digital ads for DFP, it includes CRM, KPI tracking, Digital Dashboards, Audience Development, Workflow Management and much more.

A more advanced Order Management System

Gemstone is a More Advanced Sales System

Gemstone lets you sell anything – mobile ads, web ads or print ads, even sell TV commercials or subscriptions, all using the SAME user interface. Sell cross-media packages or upsell into new channels. The user interface is responsive too, so you can do it all from any device.

Set sales targets, then measure performance

Set sales targets, then measure performance Gemstone includes some fantastic sales management tools – define multiple performance targets such as "print-to-digital conversions", "upsells" and other measurable metrics. Then monitor performance "as it happens" to get real time insights into how your business is tracking against plan. 

Define your audience, then build targeted campaigns

Set Targets, then Track Performance Within Gemstone, you can select your targeting criteria and plot the results on a map, make any refinements based on visual feedback and finally create lists to target. Activating the campaigns is as simple as selecting a pre-defined workflow which defines whet needs to be done, always assuring a consistent execution of your campaign.

Identify and qualify leads, then convert to orders

Build Targeted Campaigns Capture ALL business leads and opportunities with Gemstone's built-in CRM and use the workflow engine to turn them into orders. Multi-channel, multi-media ads, commercials, subscriptions, T-shirts, anything. 

Automated workflows assure consistency and accuracy

Automated Workflows Define your workflows and turn them into automated processes that are repeatable and assure predictable outcomes. Easy and fast!

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