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European and UK Data Protection regulations are changing – Are you ready?

Miles 33 Communicates plan with timeline to customers

European and UK Data Protection regulations are changing – Are you ready?

On May 25, 2018, new data protection laws will come into effect across the European Union and the UK. This new regulation supersedes the 28 current national data protection laws which were based on the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

As some of our Miles 33 systems store and process personal data it is our duty as a supplier to make customers aware of the personal data our systems can store and process.

As part of these new regulations, an individual can request you provide a report that details all information you store about them. Perhaps more importantly, they can request that some or all of this data be removed from your systems and business processes. This all puts a real load on the publisher to be compliant with these new regulations.

Needless to say, Miles 33 are committed to help and in that spirit, we have sent out a notice with a plan and timeline outlining when our software will be updated with the necessary tools and functions to ensure that our customers can manage these requests better and more easily.

We, of course, want to hear back from our customers on their plans and we especially want to know if any of our customers have special requirements over and above the requirements specified in the new regulations.

It is important that all our customers do proper due diligence and ensure they comply. Customer data is not just managed by Miles 33 software, but is typically also present elsewhere. Therefore, it will be necessary check all enterprise software solutions, including CRM systems, Financial systems and any other software that might store individual’s data. A big job, but it all has to be checked.

Remember, May 2018 will be here before you know it. Are you ready?!