Measuring the effectiveness of a Cross-Media Advertisement

The IAB just released the results of a study that aimed to "set out to prove whether or not including desktop and mobile ads in a multi-platform ad campaign improves brand impact and if so, by how much".

The study, conducted by a company called "Research Now", looked at several live campaigns from major companies. The campaigns ran across five verticals – Automotive, CPG, Retail, Finance, and Media.

The research shows that while digital-only campaigns are effective, when conducted in combination with other media is when the campaigns achieve a better result with regards to brand awareness and impact.

The results obviously varied depending on the mix of channel, but every combination yielded higher results than a campaign targeting a single channel.

Check out the following summary which shows the impact of various combinations of Digital and Traditional channels.

Incrase brand awareness

To see the individual influence of each media channel, see the pie chart below.

Contributions of each channel

These results certainly speak for themselves and really confirm the enormous impact a multi media campaign can have on the effectiveness of an ad. Brand awareness, brand consideration, brand familiarity and, perhaps most importantly, the increase in desire to seek further information and intention to purchase.

For maximum increase in this brand awareness, the IAB recommends adding at least ONE digital option, such as mobile web, app or desktop, to the mix.

Increase opportunity to see

It should come as no surprise that the “opportunity to see” (OTS) the campaign ad rises considerably when multiple devices are targeted (as shown in the diagram above). It’s quite simple really, the more devices and platforms are targeted, the higher the increase in awareness and, by implication, the increase in Intent to Purchase. THAT is something your advertisers will certainly benefit from. This research quantifies that increase and by how much each channel contributes to that.

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The original IAB report can be found here.