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Business Process Re-Engineering for Newspapers

It's all about Efficiency

Business Process Re-Engineering for Newspapers

“If you could gather everything you know about your customer and put it one place for your sales force, and enrich that data in real time based on customer behavior in your new media and print channels; and further use this information to measure ad effectiveness, provide accountability to your advertisers, and ultimately sell ALL of your local inventory in ALL of your channels . . . then you’ve got something. But to get there, to get that level of integration, you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.”

RP systems have been powering the manufacturing companies for years, who long figured out that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. An ERP solution also bucks the notion that efficiency needs to be considered one department at a time. Business processes and activities have become increasingly complex as new media channels evolve, requiring multiple teams and divisions to operate as a single, cohesive unit. Without an ERP solution in place, creating that kind of cross-departmental coordination and workflow execution can be quite challenging. And Miles 33 can help. A multi-channel LOCAL media company looks more and more like a content “factory” every day, with raw materials, assembly lines and distribution channels; integrating these processes will create value for your advertisers, your consumers and you.

At Miles 33, we learn from customers all over the world and have the skills and experienced staff to help you re-engineer those processes so you can become a leader once again in today's dynamic and highly competitive marketplace.

Business Process Re-Engineering - It's all about efficiency

The primary reason an ERP solution is so vital to a company’s success is efficiency. ERP solutions such as Miles 33's Content Management/Advertising/Financial solutions, allow companies to achieve true business process automation – streamlining many of the important day-to-day tasks across a business, and freeing up staff to focus their efforts on more complex initiatives that require more personalized attention. This can not only boost productivity and worker output, it can dramatically reduce operating and overhead expenses.

A Miles 33 ERP solution makes it easier for employees at all levels to assess company performance and understand their impact on it. A Miles 33 ERP solution can also empower your company to be more responsive to shifts in the marketplace, allowing you to quickly change strategies to address new customer needs as they emerge.

Miles 33's Total Media Infrastructure

Our solutions touch every aspect of the media enterprise, encompassing a total view of work practices required for successful and efficient publishing of media products.