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Is Miles 33 the industry insider's vendor?

I ask myself this when I look at Miles’ success in the UK and their growing client list in the US, most recently their sale to the Boston Globe.

January 29 2014

posted by John Juliano

Miles might be characterized as all substance and little flash. They don't advertise, their tradeshow booth will generally fit in a single case and until recently their entire US sales force was the well-known Don Sullivan.

Last week, I accepted an offer from Mike Moore, Miles 33 CEO, to become one third of the tripled sales force with the express mission to expand their North American footprint and give Miles the market position here in North America that they have in the UK.

What about Miles made me accept Mike's offer? Products and integrity.

If you read my column in GXpress, you know that little counts for anything with me other than integrity. Integrity can be a difficult thing to judge and it’s even harder to pinpoint its earmarks. There are a few things, besides the recommendations of people I trust, that give an indication of why you and I should risk our careers by throwing our lot in with Miles. The easiest and most notable thing to point to in these days of winnowing vendors is that Miles still supports every product they’ve ever released.

Miles is still supporting 17- and 18-year old software. John Skarin, the leader of the commercial software engineering team, told me last week that he was called to work on some installed-and-still-supported software that he had written in 1989!

Their products are good. I think they're among the best.

I worked with the engineering team that built the GN4 content management platform. The commercial Future Proof product has a depth of features that would be difficult to match. New products are coming, as they always are at any thriving software organization, and Miles’ customers are comfortable in knowing that they can update when it is best for them rather than under the pressure of ending support.

There seem to be few vendors that you can trust to be around for a long time anymore, and very few products where you can sleep soundly knowing that the product will still be there tomorrow. Miles’ products are those products and Miles seems to be that vendor.

So is Miles 33 the industry insider’s vendor? I consider myself an industry insider and I’ve known about Miles for some time, but then it's my business to know about vendors: I write about them and I consult to them.

You won't learn about Miles by looking for their ads, you won’t learn about Miles by looking for a big splashy booth. You can learn about Miles by speaking with their customers and you can learn about Miles from me.

If you are an industry insider, and you don't know about Miles 33, now is the time to learn.

If you would like to learn more about Miles 33, I’ll be at the Mega-Conference in Las Vegas February 24-26th.

I’m very interested in your opinions and if you’re replacing current software or thinking about expanding your media business, let me show you why media industry insiders, like the Boston Globe, choose Miles 33.

John Juliano