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With DTI, Atex and Saxo Gone

Which vendor should you trust?

April 08 2014

posted by John Juliano

Although the DTI editorial, advertising and WebCMS products, and Saxotech's advertising and circulation products are no longer being actively developed, their new owner reports that they will be supported indefinitely. Whether or not you own one of these products you will eventually need a new CMS, a new Web CMS, a new advertising, circulation system, or a new CRM.

Which vendors should you trust?

The choice of stable vendors in the North American market is now down to a handful.

You and I know that there is no certain future for any company in our industry, so we have to place our bets on the best choice out there.

The criteria we might choose are:

Stability – Not only financial stability, but how stable is the company? Are they able to keep a staff? Is the staff the right mix of senior, experienced management and well-educated engineers who know the new technology? Do their acquisitions make sense? Or are they merely grabs at market share?

Products – How old are the products? Most of the products in the marketplace are really 10 to 12 years old. Think about our industry 12 years ago. Did it look like our industry now? Ideally, the products you buy today were designed and built with the industry of today in mind: they should be designed to be deployed in the cloud, they should be designed for channel independence and digital first. In our integrated digital world, the perfect product suite would have an integral DAM for both the editorial CMS and advertising system.

Installed base – How large is the installed base? The installed base speaks to the company's track record and to its financial stability. An installed base generates a dependable revenue stream that funds the engineering necessary to bring out new products.

Personnel – The correct personnel are talented people; that goes without saying. The correct personnel are the right match of senior and junior people. Senior people have experience and junior people bring new education and that spark the junior people have in abundance. But, more than this, the correct mix of people is the correct balance of management, sales and engineering. A sales-heavy corporation makes sales, lots of sales, but it's a fool's bargain. Without enough engineering there is no future, without sufficient support people there are no successful installs.

Whether or not you're looking for a new system, it's important for you, as a professional, to know the vendors that are out there, what their product offerings are, which vendors are stable and have a bright future, which vendors have a vision of our future that you share.

There are many fewer vendors in our industry than even a few years ago. With three of the top vendors disappearing within a few month period, odds are that one, more, or all of your vendors are gone. Perhaps your products are on the "no future" list.

Whether this is true or not, it's important that you learn about the remaining vendors.

Come evaluate Miles 33. Use the criteria that I've outlined, or criteria of your own.

In these uncertain times of winnowing vendors, it's important you know which players you can depend on, so when it comes time to replace a mission-critical system, you know who the right partner will be.


To learn more, contact Miles, or the sales office for your region.

For advertising, Gemstone is in release and taking the world by storm with roughly 60% of the UK market signed up.

For content, look at GN4. With more that 6000 seats already installed, GN4 is a cloud-based product used by publishers large and small worldwide. Scalability is the name of the game when you’re looking for a single product to be deployed across all your titles, or for a single instance to handle everything.

For Mobile, VirtualNewspaper sizzles with great eye-candy and lots of revenue opportunities. This video is a personal favorite, perhaps because I did the voice over on the North American version.

I look forward to hearing from you at +1.404.327.6010 and You can read my column in Asia-Pacific’s GXPress.

For a more formal look at the financial mechanics of being a vendor to our industry, read this post by my colleague, Miles Chief Executive, Mike Moore.