Can you tell me more about FutureProof's sales tools?

Miles 33 provides a powerful and proactive sales campaign generation module that easily allows the user and/or management to mine your database for a particular sales campaign, searching by virtually any combination of fields in the customer and/or order record. The results are presented as a "call list" to the salesperson, booking operator, or team for follow-up calls.Other tools include the Intelligent Up-Sells and integrated CRM functionality.

What about generating letters and emails?

The campaign generation module allows the user and/or management to mine your database for likely candidates in a particular sales campaign, including both advertisers and non-advertisers in your search.Your sales staff can then use these leads in an outbound calling campaign, which can include direct mail (labels), email and fax as conduits to the prospects/customers. Frequently our Miles 33 customers will e-mail or FAX the list of targeted accounts based on a given campaign, then follow-up with a phone call, all from the same campaign. The system automatically records the outbound document, including a copy of the exact post-merged version, and the details of the follow-up phone call, which all become part of the customer history.

What else can the CRM module provide my sales people?

Daily scheduleA daily task schedule is presented to each user upon request, or as the default screen if no other activity is actively displayed; in other words, "their work is staring them in the face". The task list includes assigned appointments, "to do’s" and reminders that have been added to their calendar, either by them directly or by a supervisor.Current day’s call sheetsIn a very similar manner all of the system-generated call backs are presented to the user in prioritized order on a single screen based on age, dollar amount, or deadline to insure the most important work is carried out first. Call back lists can be assigned to the salesperson on the account, a particular person, or a team, and can be reassigned from one user to another by a supervisor due to absence or other priority need.Calls generated by system sales campaigns can also be displayed as part of the user’s call backs for a given day, or filtered separately as an outbound call list.Also, Miles 33 has an easy-to-use import & field mapping tool to import 3rd party data from outside sources. These non-advertisers can be included in your campaign searches as key prospects who DON’T already advertise with you, creating an even richer pool from which to mine

Can FutureProof book ads on the web?

Miles 33 can provide a fully integrated web order entry system designed for self-service use by private party and trade customers alike. The module is called SAM.In addition to self service classified, Miles 33 can allow trade customers to book ROP and classified display ad (space) over the web, and upload finished ads or artwork components directly into Production Tracking.

What about the creative design?

Integrating the activities of advertising, layout and the production departments, the FutureProof Production Tracking module assists in controlling the make-up of advertisements (print and digital) and provides real time reporting on how advertisement production is progressing.Traditionally, prepress departments have a high volume of work from a large variety of sources. Keeping full control of variable workloads is a major requirement in a busy department. The tendency is to operate in fire-fighting mode to maintain critical deadlines. The aim of Production Tracking is to assist in bringing order and control back to the managers within the department by providing an automated workflow. Production Tracking is designed to track, manage and report on advertisement production for newspapers and magazines. Consequently, with workload planning and prioritisation based upon factual data rather than guesswork, a smoother workflow is created. This has the effect of reducing stress levels on both management and staff, thereby reducing error rates and improving quality levels.Ads can be produced using a variety of tools such as Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, etc. Also supported is Adobe's FireWorks for the creation on online ads such as banners, skyscrapers and leaderboards.