How is HistoricalArchive different than VirtualNewspaper?

At a high-level, Historical Archive has an addition user interface "layer" that facilitates browsing and searching decades of editions rather than one or two editions. At a more detailed level, Historical Archive lets you create "historical events" that provides a more granular level of searches.While "flipping through pages" is identical on both VirtualNewspaper and HistoricalArchive, it is finding the edition you want where the challenge lies. Imagine having 75 years of daily and weekly editions online, without the right search tools, finding what you want will be a challenge. 

What about monetising the archived editions?

No problem. The same monetisation modules you are familiar with in VirtualNewspaper and PaperEvolution are available for Historical Archive too. These includes the ability to sell subscriptions or daily access. Serving ads, selling "sponsored by" deals, gift coupons, 30 day free trials, etc. There is even a module that lets you do a deal with local libraries or businesses for multi-user access.