How is PaperEvolution different from VirtualNewspaper?

PaperEvolution is "feed-driven" while VirtualNewspaper is "PDF-driven". As a result of this, you can publish content to PaperEvolution "article at a time" throughout the day, effectively streaming content out to your audiences.VirtualNewspaper, being driven by PDFs, is an "Edition at a time" process. 

How often can I publish content?

As frequently as you wish. There is no limit, the newsroom can publish an article every second, or 10 articles a minute or once per hour. There are no rules and no limitations. It really is as simple as creating content, send it through the normal copyflow of review and checks, then publish. A great feature for breaking news or keeping your audiences 

The demographics of my mobile audience is different than my online audience, can I publish different content to each?

Yes you can. We consider each a different "Publishing Destinations". In other words, just like you may have two newspapers, you can have two (or more) destinations. Publishing content to a destination is literally as simple as preparing your content, then selecting the destination from a dropdown.Alternatively, you may create workflows that automate this based on some rules or triggers that you define.Best of all, mobile editions can also have different advertising than online editions. You can even target specific devices in your ad campaigns. There is no reason not to create a multitude of different channels, each with content and advertising that is targeted to the audience demographics.