How can I log into the application?

Simply launch the app, tap the "My Profile" tab and fill out your credentials. You only need to do this once. An account allows you to have 5 devices.

How can I subscribe on the Web?

In a similar way. Go to the website and find the "log in" or "account" link. Depending on your browser and how you have set the security settings on your computer, the browser will remember. A Virtualnewspaper account allows you 5 devices. For example: a laptop and computer at home, a computer at work, an iPad and an iPhone. The login credentials will be the same because your account is the same.

How can I change my information?

Any device that provides access to your profile. Simply log in, edit your information and save. It is now update on all 5 devices.

How can I see my active subscriptions?

This is shown in "my Profile" on any device.

How can I associate a device to my account?

Simple, just keep logging into your account using your devices. Each time you use a device that has not been used before, it gets added to the list.

How can I disassociate a device to my account?

In "My Profile" you will find a link to disassociate the device you are using. Clicking that frees up one of the 5 devices. It's really simple.