Can my digital and print ad sales team both use Gemstone?

Yes, that is what Gemstone was designed for. By sharing common resources such CRM, production and contract management, sales staff will have a total view of your customers, regardless of what kind of advertising they purchase. This makes it easy to sell digital+print packages.

I need two systems because my print ad sales people are uncomfortable with selling digital ads

Gemstone can help. Fragmenting your sales efforts can only cause problems and prohibits selling ad packages across multiple channels. Gemstone can help take the mystery out of selling digital as it interacts with the ad server in real time and can actually RECOMMEND digital packages and insertions that fit the available inventory of your websites and mobile editions.

I have multiple sales people calling upon the same advertiser, how can Gemstone help?

Gemstone is the first sales system in the industry that makes multi-channel booking truly possible. The digital ad sales process is interactive and handshakes with the ad server in real time. Simply specifying targeting criteria, will allow the ad server to recommend what is available, making digital bookings easy and SO MUCH MORE accurate. When coupled with a production service such as LocalStars, multiple ad sizes are automatically created so each and every insertion and ad location is automatically catered for. The common CRM system tells sales staff what any given advertiser has purchased, making it fulfill and advertiser's full ad budget . . and you do not need multiple sales staff to accomplish that. When you become a "one-stop-shop" for all kinds of advertising, your are making it easier to your advertisers.

What about Audience Analysis?

Gemstone includes an Audience Development module that keeps track of WHO your advertisers are, WHERE they are and WHAT they sell. This info can be mapped for a visual representation of geographic spread. Overlap info from your subscribers and you can start to build powerful metrics that you can present to your advertisers. If you can tell them how many readers will see their ad based on targeting criteria, you can make strong cases that will lead to increases sales. If you have subscribers create online accounts using their social network logins (like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter), you will obtain an even deeper understanding of your audience.