I have an investment in another CMS solution, but like how GNPortal can automate the ingestion of content. Can I use it?

Absolutely, you do not need a GN4 solution to benefit from GNPortal (although you will get increased benefits if you do). GNPortal can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, accepting and delivering content where required. The level of Web Access of your editorial system will determine how deeply GNPortal can be integrated.

I would like to accept reader comments on my website. Can GNPortal help with this?

Yes. Part of the Web interface – such as a data-entry form to create new items – can be embedded in your Web site pages. This allows, readers to enter comments or letters to the editor directly into GNPortal from an existing newspaper Web site.

Does GNPortal support SSL connections?

Yes SSL/https connections are fully supported.

Tell me more about how content is ingested

The flexible GN4 data store accommodates media files such as pictures and videos, general stories, letters to the editor, birth/marriage/death announcements, court records and so on. A custom Web interface realised using the GN4 components supports the upload, creation and editing of the various content elements. This Web interface can be used from standard PC and from mobile devices like PDA or cell phones.The upload process is controlled by a configurable automatic process that: recognises the format of the uploaded data; discards unrecognised or forbidden formats; extracts metadata information; and can execute operations like pre-flight testing on PDF files.