The Canvassing System is based on a household database of a newspaper’s entire circulation area.


As a Value Added Reseller for the Royal Mail Quantum is ideally placed to source your data requirements. A wide range of data, stored on the database, may be used to target specific audiences. Examples include current readership habits, socio-economic groups, with or without telephone numbers and previous contact with the newspaper.

The system may be configured for a telesales team working from a pc network or through a web-based environment using smartphones. Mass market mail-shot canvassing represents a third option.

The key to any canvassing success ultimately rests on the quality of the data used. Part of the system has been designed for rapid data entry. In addition, comprehensive extraction methods are available. As a result highly selective targeting becomes a viable option.

Accurate retention figures are on hand to measure the success and costs of all canvassing activity. Comprehensive data export facilities allow a number of other third party applications to be used, such as word processing, spreadsheets plus integrated modules.