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Submitting to the Newsroom

Capture content while on-location and upload it directly into the newsroom.

Either working from a task, or by creating a new story, users can “package” multiple files together into a single content package. For example, when covering some event, the journalist can package together a video of the scene, a recorded interview with an eyewitness, a few pictures and even type out some comments or information. When done, the entire package can be submitted directly into the newsroom.

Submit to the Newsroom 

Pre-defined workflows will accept packages submitted that way and deliver them to the right location in the GN4 content management system, complete with metadata. Optionally, these workflows can also be set-up to send an alert to certain users informing them that packages like that have arrived in the system. This set-up is extremely flexible and can even allow for content to go directly to the publisher’s website, a great way of dealing with hot breaking news, that gets reported directly from the scene.

Pretty powerful.